Our Story


Hi, I’m Sarah and I am the Founder & CEO of RAW.

I started this company because I love to indulge - whether it be in amazing food, great wine or exciting parties. Most importantly though, I started RAW because I have a passion for making people feel special.  

We serve what many consider to be luxury products, but it’s not what we serve that makes us luxurious. It’s the way we do it. To me, true luxury comes from genuine connections and authentic conversations with the people around me.

While I may not always remember the exact flavours of an exquisite meal, what’s always ingrained in my memory is laughing with a friend while sharing a bottle of wine, a lover's look over a candlelit dinner, or a hug from my mom during afternoon tea. It’s the connection that makes an experience luxurious.

Making guests feel special is our main focus at RAW and we are a family of charming, kind, and interesting human beings. We love meeting new people and sharing our knowledge of seafood. But what we really love is connecting with others and creating moments that will always be remembered.

I hope we can share one of these moments with you.


Founder & CEO