5 Reasons To Eat an Oyster Every Day

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When I started RAW, I wanted to create an unforgettable experience built on good company and luxury products. I am always surrounded by copious amounts of oysters, and simply saying that I love them would be an unjustified understatement. The truth is that I eat oysters every day - and here's why.

TAKE ME TO THE OCEAN  Holding a fresh oyster in the palm of my hand triggers the sound of waves and the feel of dried salt in my hair. Once I’ve got that beautiful shell cracked opened and the brine of the ocean water between my lips, I’m instantly transported. Oysters become a wonderful portkey into magical moments of my past. There's nowhere else in the world I would rather be than by the ocean.

THE SHIELD OF GOOD IMMUNITY  A strong immune system requires the fine balance and harmony of many parts of our bodies. Thankfully, oysters are packed full of Vitamin C and E which have been proven to work incredibly well together. They also have antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that work to defend our bodies against a multitude of sickness and infectious disease.

A LITTLE TASTE OF LUXURY Nothing compares to a night of oysters with friends and loved ones. I love the way oysters can feel like a sophisticated luxury while simultaneously being accessible to everyone. But the truth is, I don’t need to have company in order to enjoy a dozen. An oyster date with myself and a glass of champagne is my idea of a great night.

THE BEST KIND OF PICK-ME-UP  As a woman weaving through life balancing my own business and a social life, it’s nice to have a little help sometimes. Thanks to the astonishing high amount of zinc found in these magical delicacies, they often help with boosting my mood. Zinc is known to be a mood stabilizer, especially amongst women. Who knew these little sea dwellers could help so much with anxiety and depression?

A HAPPY, HEALTHY HEART  Oysters are full of omega-3 fatty acids, which are considered to be “good” forms of cholesterol that prevent plaque build up around the heart. The magnesium and potassium in these ocean treats can also surprisingly lower blood pressure and relax blood vessels. This leads to increased blood circulation and oxygenation which lowers the level of strain on the overall cardiovascular system creating a stronger, happier heart.